Saving Calories


One of the major concerns of the medical fraternity worldwide is obesity. It has emerged as one of the plaguing problems of the current era and an increasing percentage of people are falling victim to the evils of obesity. In a premier country like the United States of America , a whopping 65% of the adult population is grossly overweight and among the 50 million people who try to lose weight annually, only 5% are ultimately successful in their attempt. If latest researches are taken into account, it has been proved beyond doubt that obesity can make an individual susceptible to contracting diseases like cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and heart ailments.

One of the primary reasons behind the present generation becoming so obese has several causes. Among them the root cause lies in the fact that people today lead a very unhealthy lifestyle. Owing to the pressures of professional life one is unable to devote adequate time to the betterment of physical health and with an increase in stress levels, it has an adverse effect upon health. Moreover, fast food counters are available in every nook and corner and most individuals love to gorge on such unhealthy food on a regular basis which leads them to obesity. All these factors have contributed considerably to making more than half the population overweight. And what is more alarming in this case is the fact that children too are falling victims to the claws of obesity. The only means of restricting and controlling the evil effects of obesity is by ensuring loss of excess body weight. There are several different means with the aid of which it is possible for individuals to attain weight loss. These are by the consumption of weight loss pills and conforming to diets, exercising regularly etc. But the primary motive of an overweight person is to ensure that calorie intake through the food products consumed daily is restrained. In case of being obese, it is extremely necessary for the individual to burn the excess calories. According to experts, it is suggested that an average meal should comprise of a calorie content of around 80 to 90 calories. In this case, it should be known that the calorie content of a food item does not depend upon its size. Green vegetables are extremely healthy for consumption as the calorie content here is low. However, oily food and food products made of cheese, butter etc. are extremely high in terms of calorie content and are therefore not recommended for regular consumption especially for obese persons.

Many smart people check calorie counts for healthy weight loss dieting.

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