Bodies of Overweight Kids Endure Additional Stress


Child obesity continues to rise in the United States and children are beginning to suffer from what used to be typical adult chronic diseases - Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cancer to name a few. As parents, we have a responsibility to do our part to prevent our children from being overweight. The purpose of this article is to educate parents about the additional bodily stress that overweight kids face and provide some suggestions for what parents can do to address their child's weight problem.

Being overweight causes quality of life to deteriorate, even for a young child, in ways that are difficult to imagine. Obesity has some well known impacts, such as saggy skin, stretch marks, and depression. Additionally, the extra fat a child or teen carries (especially in the stomach area) can cause strain on the body's joints and lungs, and can effect fertility. This can make it difficult to even move around and do things every child should be doing. Being overweight also causes excessive strain on blood vessels and affects the production of important substances like insulin and disease fighting antibodies. Finally, studies have found that being overweight as a child increases the chances you will have chronic diseases as an adult.

Despite the negative impacts of obesity, it should come as no surprise that today's population has the highest percentage of overweight people in history. Everywhere you look there is opportunity to consume unhealthy food, which can lead to overweight children. Teenagers are especially susceptible to this risk. Teenagers have more freedom and will frequently go out to eat with friends. Unfortunately, the majority of the food they choose to eat is not healthy and today's teens are choosing activities that are less active than teens of past generations. Still, parents must try to motivate children to lose weight because the strains of them being overweight are real and can affect their body and well being.

A child or teen can lose weight by becoming more active and eating healthier. This, like parenting, is easier said than done because pressuring children to be active and eat smaller portion sizes puts strains the relationship between parent and child. This is where choosing an alternative, such as a weight loss camp, can come in handy. Summer weight loss camps provide children with opportunities to eat healthy and be active in a fun and relaxed environment. Kids are surrounded by other people their age who share a common goal. This allows peer pressure to work in a positive way instead of a negative way. Participating in a weight loss camp is an investment that can last a lifetime. The things children learn at the camp that will help them lose weight immediately are the same skills that they will never forget as they grow older.

The number of overweight children in the U.S. is growing. Being overweight puts stress on a child's body that can lead to severe, long-term problems. Increased activity and healthy eating are the keys to losing weight. Weight loss camps allow teens to be more active, eat healthy, and learn to live a healthy life while surrounded by a group of supportive peers.

Jimmy Travers educates parents about fitness and weight loss camp options for their overweight children. Please visit his site for more information and reviews.
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